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Devin Leigh
Height: 6' 2"    Hair: Brown    Eyes: Blue

Film:                                                                 Monochrome                Suited Man(lead)    Tempest Studios   

The Scientist                 Officer Smith            Bluelight Studios


Orchard Harvest         Principle                     National

Delta Airlines               Principle                     National

Oliver Dental               Principle

A#1 Air                         Principle 


Saving Harper Ross     Brad                              Lumindeo

Murder Made Me Famous Officer Stavros    AMS Pictures

Queen of the South    DEA Agent(featured)       USA    

The Secret Diaries of Tara Tremendous         Wonkybot       Sazazoozi

Transmissions                                                      Paudkast       Buir Quinn

Theater:                                                                                     Tara Tremendious   54 Below                       Mighty Man

Kings                    Mid Cities Theater             Lead

Hello Dolly          Tarrant County College     Lead Dancer

Catherine Hartt, film and tv
Texas Tech University, Theater Arts
Tarrant County College, Theater Arts

Special Skills:
Professional singer, guitarist
Voting member Grammys
Texas Blues Hall of Fame member
Minimal martial arts, skateboarding, weightlifting, bouncing, waiting tables, cooking

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